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During our trip, we've had the opportunity to visit various non-profit organizations working to do good in their communities. We have listed here such of those that raise funds over the internet.

Street Survivors India

Shabnam Ramaswamy runs this organization in Katna, West Bengal. We visited her great school for a few days, talked with students, and saw the community development projects she is attempting to bring to the village. For information on donating to this organization, you can click here.

Education Advancement Fund International and the Qiaotou Kindergarten:

Kate Zhou established the Qiaotou Kindergarten with the knowledge that children born without the permission of the Chinese government are often barred from receiving critical social services, like schooling and health care. The school aims to provide a suitable learning environment for children who might otherwise be denied any opportunity of formal learning. To make a contribution, please send a check with the note "FBR Qiaotou" to:

Education Advancement Fund International (EAFI ) at:
3356 Francis Street
Honolulu HI 96815

For more information on the EAFI and other programs they run, please visit their home page.

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