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Jim's goofy videos and road reports:

Road Report: Greece

Road Report: Turkey

Road Report: India, not as bad as we expected

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Road Report: Thailand

Crazy volley-ball game

We see people playing this game all over Thailand and Cambodia. The rules are a cross between soccer and volleyball, and the players are talented...

Road Report: Winding through villages along the Mekong

Performing in a Cambodian elementary school

Road Report: Biking in Vietnam

Fueledbyrice finally finds a decent Vietnamese road.

Road Report: On a muddy Guangxi Road

FBR bikes through the mud.

Road report from Guangxi

Dusty and Lost

Jim narrates FBR's attempt to navigate through an unusually rural road.

Road Report: Bulgaria with Autumn and Jay

Road Report: Last Day in Bulgaria

Road Report: A crowded Indian Street

http://www.jumpcut.com/media/flash/jump.swf?id=4B699200079111DDBC3A000423CEF5F6&asset_type=movie&asset_id=4B699200079111DDBC3A000423CEF5F6&eb=1" width="300" height="250" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">

Road Report: Biking into Bangkok

Drew finally gets another flat

Fording a lake

Performing at a Cambodian high school

Road report: Central Cambodia

Road Report: Burnt northern Cambodia

Road report: Road In Lao

Road Report: Biking downhill

Pete and Jim bike down a hill in Guangxi Province

Interviewing a frequenter of the net bar

Guangxi road report #2

Biking down a hill in Shandong.

This video is by Jim. He apologizes for the fact that the tremendous views he narrates about during the video are not visible due to his pointing the camera at the road. Good thing Adam's around for the good video.