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We’re in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia but off to Siem Reap tomorrow

Brief Update:

We’ve had an excellent week resting in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia after 2 months of SE Asia biking.  While here, we’ve visited my Maryknoll friend, Celina, other Maryknollers, and several of the Maryknoll projects here.  This is a great community and we are so thankful for the hospitality they have showered on us.  We are especially thankful to Jean-Francoise and Myriam (Maryknoll affiliates) who have generously opened up their home to host us for the entire week.  THANK YOU!!!

Jim, Drew, and I pedal off tomorrow, heading west to Siem Reap, famous for the ancient temple complex, Ankor Wat.  Nakia and Yuske are taking a bus down south to volunteer for a week as they’ve both already visited Ankor Wat.  We’ll meet up in Siem Reap, the Thai border, or Bangkok. 

We are now coping with major decisions about how we are going to get to India - plane or boat - and if we can afford the extra luggage fees for even “cheap” flights, which currently have us worried.  With added stress from Nakia’s passport needing more pages but no Bahama’s embassy in Asia who can do it, our relaxing week has stayed…balanced.

More specifics on Phnom Pehn and our unfolding adventure to come!



6 Responses to “We’re in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia but off to Siem Reap tomorrow”

  1. Netzy Says:

    Pete, I found tickets for 432. apiece from Bangkok… to Deli…. will that help? Also, have emailed internationa school in Bangkok.. to see if they will assist you with a place to stay. N

  2. KEVIN Says:


    I made a donation of $50. Does that go directly to the website or your pocket? I would like to help YOU directly if possible.

    Keep me posted and God Bless.


  3. Rodrigo Says:

    Fueldbyrice team members,

    I hope all of you are doing well. Keep up the momentum and don’t lose focus of your goal.

    Rodrigo (maryknoll)

  4. Adam Lippert Says:

    Hey guys! I was biking a mile and a half to work today and thought of you….after losing consciousness at the half-mile mark, I found inspiration in your voyage and pressed on to my cubicle!

    It was so great to read your blog today; Cambodia sounds amazing! Have safe travels…hope to see you soon!

  5. Jackon Says:

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  6. house Says:


    […]Blog » Blog Archive » We’re in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia but off to Siem Reap tomorrow[…]…

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