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Jim’s Presentation for Mr. Feckanin’s World Cultures Class

Trying something a bit different, I recorded the audio from a presentation I gave last week.  There’s a bit of background noise, and you can’t see the pictures I’m talking about.  Maybe this is lame, but gosh darn it, I’m putting it up anyway.  It jumps in at the beginning just after I explain that I graduated from Park High in 2000 and went to St. John’s and St. Ben’s for four years.

It’s much shorter than the original presentation we gave as it had to fit in a class period and I had to deal with the attention span of high school students.  It should give those unable to make our presentation some idea of what it was like.  I’m afraid the end gets a little cut off.

Click here to play the presentation.

4 Responses to “Jim’s Presentation for Mr. Feckanin’s World Cultures Class”

  1. netzy Says:

    Jim, interesting talk. You did well with your presentation. You’re trying to keep this secret??? Remember, Vicki wants you to present to her classes too!!! your mom

  2. shuaishuai Says:

    Jim,How are you doing ?

    How is your living? Which city are you inhabit?

    When I told to my colleagues about your amazing earth biking trip, they all couldn’t belive it. I’m pround of you ,my friend.

    You did great.

    Keep healthy! Say hello to Netzy. Best wishes to your family.

  3. Troy Says:

    Just recently listened to your CD again, and could not help
    but wonder, when the next one will come out?

  4. Hosting Says:

    Jim was always on the look out for talent, whether for performers or for his workshop. He took time to learn about people personally rather than depending on the judgment of others. Taking advantage of a rare extended stay in New York in January 1978, Jim met with two people that would prove to be major additions to his team.

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