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Minneapolis arrival this Sunday, Nov 9th: Chili Feed Location

We plan to arrive in Minneapolis on bicycle from Chicago this Sunday, Nov 9th, marking the end of our 2 week American Leg, and the final finish of our 13.5 month world tour (we will arrive in LaCrosse, WI tomorrow).  As posted previously, we are having an indoors arrival Chili Feed party upon arrival this Sunday evening, and you are welcome to attend:


Edina Morning Side Community Church

4201 Morningside Rd

Edina, MN

We will be biking in from Rochester Saturday and Sunday with nearly 20 friends.  We will do our best to be there by 5pm, but maybe we’ll be there closer to 4pm, maybe a little after 5pm, but we should be there pretty close to 5pm and look forward to hanging out until 8pm or so.  We look forward to seeing you! 

Thanks again for all of your support and interest in our bicycle adventure.  But don’t take our word for it: we hope that YOU seriously consider your own bicycle tour, be that 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or longer!

I still have plenty of photos that haven’t made it up, and we’ll continue blogging, including old stories and our reflections as we transition back home and to a more normalized life.  We will also be professionally recording our music this month, and hope to offer some of those recordings on the “music” section of our website after Thanksgiving.  So please, continue to check this website every so often!  =) 


3 Responses to “Minneapolis arrival this Sunday, Nov 9th: Chili Feed Location”

  1. netzy Says:

    Wear your warm socks. So sorry I can not join you - airplane tickets are way too high now …
    Enjoy your chili,,,, and tap water, and bars. Autumn is making vegetarian chili… to all - Netzy

  2. Tracy Says:

    Have some more for me please =)

  3. Roxi Says:

    Welcome back to the US! Thanks so much for sharing your story with all of us.

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