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Chicago, USA

Hello friends, family and occasional browsers. We have arrived in the United States after thirteen months and ten thousand miles.  Our journey to Charles De Gaule Airport in Paris found us biking through deserted city streets at 4 a.m. Oct. 21 in the gathering rain, but we missed the heavier traffic so we arrived newly wet and safe for our 10 o’clock flight.  Packing up the bikes went smoothly, the check-in set us back about $60 per bike, but considering everything we were hauling (trailer, two guitars, laptop, drum + all our stuff) we thought we made out pretty well on Aer Lingus.  Going through the scanners I lost one of my cheeses, (it was too soft…) but otherwise we made it complete. In Chicago we were met by my parents and sister (the Spidahls), and Kate Ritger and Amanda Schmitz —  Chicago residents and graduates of CSBSJU.  We gorged on deep-dish pizza and soaked in the traffic noise and curious familiar language of strangers’ conversations…    After several days of enjoying Chicago and reconnecting with some friends, we’ll be off tomorrow morning to brave the late October weather of these United States in the north, headed towards Minneapolis but not forgetting friends along the way.  Homecoming is an odd affair, with mixed emotions, but I can say for my part I am happy to be back.  More soon, from this side of the border. 

6 Responses to “Chicago, USA”

  1. Angela Tedesco Says:

    Hi Drew and the rest of FBR,
    Wow, oh wow!!! I want to thank you all for sharing your biking journey across 10,000 miles. I’m sad because I will miss checking for blog updates everyday! Your entries and photos have opened up to me a world I would not have otherwise encountered. Thank you all so much for sharing the past year. There is an open invite to all in NJ if any of you ever need a bed, warm shower or Baked Ziti. Now all you parents, RELAX !! Mrs. T

  2. Michael Durfey Says:

    Welcome home honey, how was your day?

    So what’s next… South America?

    Mike, the less beautiful

  3. Tracy Says:

    Yeah Yeah Yeah, let’s do south America next time!!!!
    Leave a seat for me in your university OK? Imagine me sitting there and listening to your presentation!
    And music, more music~~~

  4. sharad(india) Says:

    hi , drew , remember me !
    congratulation to u and FBR and ur family .
    so… where is the next time !
    u have really done a nice job.
    everybody thinks of a world tour but cannot perform it for one reason or another.
    u r blessed that u enjoyed what u thought of.
    now publish a book titeled “fuled by rice”.
    it will be a all time hit.
    ok drew take care , i hope we will meeet in future .
    i will never forget u and FBR.

  5. Maryann Scarpello Says:

    Hello to all :) I cant understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Help me, please

  6. stofius Says:

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