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Jim Rides Again - Currently heading South in US.

Hello Fueled By Rice followers!

It’s hard for me to believe that its already been 1.5 years since we ended our trip in November 2008.  But, the Fueled By Rice spirit is living strong in all of us as we continue promoting global friendship and bicycling instead of driving cars in our own ways in our respective locations.  I have been living in Beijing teaching at Beihang University this school year (my 4th year in China now).  I am privileged to be the only Fueled By Ricer to complete the global circle back to our starting place in Beijing.  When I’m in the neighborhood on my current old-man “28″ China bike, I nostalgically ride slowly by our starting place in Dongzhimen nei…and I’m itching for another long ride.

You may have suffered some Fueled By Rice blog withdrawal over this past year.  If so, you’ll probably be excited to learn that Jim is riding again, from Montana heading south…until??  Maybe to Central America.  If he’s still riding at the end of July, I hope to join him for a few weeks before starting graduate school back in the U.S. this coming fall.

**Check out Jim’s current bike trip blog -  

And hey, its summer!  GET OUT THERE AND BIKE! 

How about biking to work at least one day a week (or everyday!)?

Why not plan a day bicycle trip or more exciting: do an overnight bike trip with a tent!

E X P L O R E.  Your bicycle can take you there. 

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  1. shuaishuai Says:

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