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New Chinese Article on us! - Nov 2010 - HOPE PROJECT magazine

Dear Fueled By Rice Friends,

We have just made the news anew in China’s The Hope Project Magazine, named after the oldest and most well-known NGO/non-profit in China focused on helping poor rural Chinese students pursue their education.  One of my former students at Beijing Language and Culture University was kind enough to author the article, (Thanks Shako!)  keeping our mission of spreading mutual understanding, global friendship, and bicycling instead of driving cars ALIVE for a very pertinent audience:

Beijingers continue buying over 1,000 new cars a day to add to already jam-packed roads while 2nd tier Chinese cities add around 500-600 new cars on the roads a day!!!

The article is in Chinese, with photos.

The link to the online issue, November 2010:

Simply enter the page number (54 for us) in the white box in the middle of the blue arrows and click the Chinese characters immediately to the left, you will find the article.

3 Responses to “New Chinese Article on us! - Nov 2010 - HOPE PROJECT magazine”

  1. Brian Johnson Says:

    I’m just coming to your site for the first time, and I think what you have done is awesome! Plus it’s cool to hear about St Johns grads, I have a lot of friends that went there and have visited many times myself. Hope everything is still going well!

  2. Peter Ehresmann Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Great to hear from you! I’m happy to see that people are still discovering our site and our journey!

    You may be interested to know that a second Fueled By Rice expedition is in the works. We’ll be using this same website but keeping the two trips’ materials separate.

    -Stay tuned!


  3. Royce Fixari Says:

    Massive Gdiddy car auction is final; largest sale tops 200,000.Some of the most rare state license plates sold in lots for five figures. A set of classic Virginia plates sold for $26,000, while Montana plates fetched $29,900.

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