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Let us work to close the divide between East & West

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I am saddened and greatly concerned over the growing divide and wall between east and west, between China & the US, and between Europe & China over the Tibet conflict.  We have a responsibility, as educated peace-loving people, to work hard to close this divide and break down this wall NOW, before it gets too high.  As this article in the International Herald shows, the wall is not only being built in China, but also in the US at the countless American universities that Chinese students are attending.

Clearly media on all sides are failing to give us accurate facts and unbiased reports.  Because we know that, we can vigorously apply our critical thinking and analytical skills with a cool head to dare to explore perspectives different than our own on this issue.  We must strive to understand all sides with empathy.  I am seeking to more deeply understand Beijing’s perspective, and I desire to know more about what ordinary Tibetans think and want, the latter of which is not clear in many news articles.

Above all, we must remember that we are brothers and sisters, world citizens, and that the conflict in Tibet is affecting us all. Through civilized and intelligent (and certainly always non-violent) debate, approached with humility and an open mind to listen to the other sides, we will slowly get at the truth and, I hope and pray, discover and craft a creative and respectful resolution for all connected issues.

Ping An, He Ping, Peace,

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